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Day sixty -- Can the parts be larger than the whole?

[quote] Can the parts be larger than the whole? [/quote]


Before the inception of Prequark Dynamics, it makes no sense in physics, such as in the following sequences,

quark --> neutron or proton --> atom --> molecule --> large object

The sub-particle is always smaller than its parent particle both in size and in mass. Yet, in the Prequark Dynamics, although the quarks are composed of prequarks, the prequark is not smaller than its parent particle neither in size nor in mass. This is why it is named prequark, not subquark.

Is there such a prequark phenomenon in the marco-world? In fact, most of the social phenomena are prequark-like. As the social science does not understand the prequark phenomenon and treats all problems with the sub-particle concept, the social science is not a true science thus far as it has used a wrong approach and a wrong principle to deal with its problems.

One simple prequark-like phenomenon is the "visible" iceberg which is composed of three parts.

1. a big chunk of ice, about 10 times bigger than the visible iceberg. 2. a large body of water (ocean or a large lake) 3. a big space above it

Lacking any one of these three parts, the "visible iceberg" will not be a reality. Yet, every its part is much bigger than it both in size and in mass.

In social science, the definition for "nation" is an unsolved problem. A "nation" can be roughly demarcated with the followings,

a. People -- + Races + ethnic groups + languages + religions + history + etc.

b. land + Asia + Europe + Africa + etc.

c. etc.

Yet, every part of the "nation" (language, religion, etc.) can be much larger than it (the nation) both in size and in mass. This issue was discussed in detail in the article "Political Science and the Equation of War" which is available at In fact, the PreBabel is also a Prequark-like phenomenon. It is a "part" of all natural languages while it is much larger than them.

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