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Day seventeen

      Question -- -- from "jal" -- I visited the link. ... This is a red herring: the percentages are false, and it doesn't say anything about English being suitable for an international language. First, the percentage of non-English speaking people learning English. A quick google turns up this which claims about 1 billion people, ...

      Answer -- my last post has, in fact, only two simple points.
         1. A statement -- After a 400 year of domination of British and America, English did not become a true universal language.
         2. A premise -- by adopting PreBabel (English), English has a great chance to become a true universal language.

      For a premise, it must be testable. Non-testable premise belongs to the fiction. There is no point of analyzing word by word or sentence by sentence of any premise or any theory. If it is not testable, it will not get any attention. Thus, any premise must face the following three steps,
         1. Does it has any test point or points? That is, can it be tested? If not, here it goes, the trash can.
         2. Can a test be designed to rid of all random chances? If no such test can be designed, here it goes, the back burner until a good test design can be found.
         3. What is the test result? Right or wrong?
      Just this simple.

      Can my premise be tested? Of course. As soon as the PreBabel (English) is complete, two test stages can be planned.
            Stage one: test in ESL (English as the Second Language).
               1. Group A learns English with the current ESL material.
               2. Group B learns English with the PreBabel (English)

            Stage two: test in American grade school as the first language
               1. Group A learns English with the current textbooks.
               2. Group B learns English with the PreBabel (English).

      Of course, the above tests will not happen anytime soon. So, we can discuss them intellectually. Yet, for any testable issue, any discussion which is non-related to the test (the testability, the test methodology, the predicted test results) is truly meaningless.

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